Best Bug Detectors

7 Best Bug Detectors Reviewed to always find the Hidden Camera (2020)

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After looking at a lot of hidden cameras, microphones and other spy gear, it’s time to look at some methods of prevention. Being equipped with bug detectors is crucial to preventing people from breaching your privacy in any way. Whether it’s recording video of your home, recording your voice or any other type of spying method.

Best Bug Detectors

There are various ways in which you can detect a hidden spy device of any type. Generally speaking, they utilize some form of wireless connection in order to transmit. Even if they record on-device, they give out some sort of signal. That can be Infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and many.

Best Bug Detectors Comparison Table

Below you can see a quick side-by-side comparison of the various bug detectors we are going to look at in this review. You get a glimpse at some of the specs on the devices as well as a rough idea of what they are capable of.

Electronic Bug Detectors In-depth Reviews

Now it’s time to take a look at some devices you might want to consider for yourself. This will be a more in-depth look at each product’s strengths and weaknesses.

7. KKmoon Bug Detector

Best Bug Detectors

We’re starting off with a device we can call bare essentials. This bug detector by KKmoon is the most minimalistic device in this list. It can find most basic devices that could be used to tap or bug you.

This device mostly detects RF signals though. Specifically, this means that it can detect mostly radio transmitter devices – basic microphones, basic GPS trackers as well as older-style hidden cameras.

If you want to take some basic care of your privacy and ease your sense of being watched, then this device is maybe the best one for you.

6. YlRNhe Hidden Camera Detector

YlRNhe Hidden Camera Detector

Next up we have a relatively versatile device by YlRNhe. Initially, this detector may seem like a dream. It can detect RF signals, GSM microphones, GPS trackers and wireless hidden devices.

It’s not as accurate as it may seem, however. On occasion, it has the tendency to miss certain devices. If you are not close enough, it’s effective range might fall short of the bug you are trying to find.

5. XFHLL Anti Spy Bug Detector

XFHLL Anti Spy Bug Detector

Here’s another device in, essentially, the same class as the ones we’ve seen so far. This RF bug detector by XFHLL is essentially your standard Bug Detection device.

It’s equipped for the most rudimentary electromagnetic signal tracking. Specifically, you can track basic microphones, radio transmitters and GSM based mics and cameras.

If you’re looking to make a quick scan of your home or something similar, this device might be more than adequate for your needs.

4. ARCELI Anty Spy Bug Detector

ARCELI Anty Spy Bug Detector

The ARCELI Anty Spy Bug Detector is quite a versatile device. Among all of the devices in the list, it detects the widest variety of taps and bugs. It has tested well against any type of microphone, camera, smartphone tap, GPS tracker etc.

The downside is that it can be easy to fool. Specifically, sensitivity settings are a bit wonky and sometimes it can detect noise that gives you a false positive. So make sure to double-check every potentially bugged area.

This device is more than adequate if you are uncertain about how you are tapped. But make sure to check thoroughly.

3. Space element RF Detector

Space element RF Detector

The GSM and RF detector by Space element is a fairly simplistic device. It is better suited to track older-tech devices. It should be able to detect any device transmitting to a smartphone as well as Radio based transmitters.

The accuracy is not the best. Several tests show that certain types of microphones can go undetected. So use this device with a grain of salt and make sure to cover all the suspected areas thoroughly.

2. YlRNhe RF Bug Detector

YlRNhe RF Bug Detector

The runner up of this list is a device by YlRNhe. It’s a more budget-friendly version of our top choice, which is coming up next. This device is more of a conventional RF scanner. You can use it to find any device using radiofrequency connectivity.

When it comes to those types of devices, the YlRNhe RF Detector is very useful for finding older-gen equipment. It can be useful for finding any device containing a microphone or any sort of inductive elements (coils, speakers, mics etc.).

This product is less likely yo find newer-gen bugs, though. Devices transmitting on frequencies outside of the radio range will likely not be detected. This is not too much of a hassle however. Sime surveillance experts use older tech under the premise of people normally searching for advanced hardware.

All in all, this device is very valuable and handy to keep around.

1. Doifck Anti Spy Detector

Doifck Anti Spy Detector

A true top of the line device. The Doifck Anti Spy detector receives the position of best bug detector of 2020. It has detection for almost any kind of electronic tap you could think of. It has an EF detection unit for radio or wireless taps. Those cover hidden mics, wireless cameras, location tracking, and even GSM tracking.

Out of the entire selection, this device is the most accurate bug detector. Also, it is easiest to use. You can set it up and start searching your home or car in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, you can be assured it will find almost all types of conventional bugs or taps.

Bug Detectors Buying Guide

Here are a few key components in selecting a bug detector that best suits your needs.

Features of Good Detector

You should think about exactly what you need. Are you trying to find some microphone bugs in your house? Are you afraid someone is eavesdropping on you with a camera? Maybe your phone is tapped. Surely, the first thing you need to figure out is roughly how you are being spied on.

Features of Good Detector

Ease of Use

It’s important for you to be aware of how much effort you are willing to put into bug detection and spy protection. A lot of the bug detectors are very sophisticated hardware. Often times you will have to figure out how to use some advanced gear. A smartphone app could be easy to use. However, those are not a good substitute for a proper bug detection device.

FAQ’s on Bug Detectors

If you still have some questions on this topic, here are a few of them answered. If you have any more questions on this topic

How can I tell if my phone is tapped?

Usually by listening for weird noises in the microphone. That’s a sign it’s active, which could mean it is being tapped. Another possibility is the camera. There are ways to make the camera work but disguise it as if it isn’t working. Use another phone camera and look at your phone through it. If there is a purple light coming from the camera, then it’s active and possibly spying.

How do I block my phone from being tracked?

There’s no way to truly block your phone from being tracked altogether. The only way to do that is to not use a smartphone. Your best bet would be to stay vigilant and look out for bugs on your phone.

Can I sue someone for recording me without my permission?

Yes. Under most laws recording without consent is illegal. If you are aware of someone recording you in any way without your permission, you are well within your right to sue the person doing it.

Can someone read my text messages from their phone?

It is possible. This is not tapping you or placing a bug in the sense we are looking at. However, this is just as important to look out for. Software hacks are quite common. You should take your phone to an expert to inspect it if you suspect a hack. Any of your data could be at risk without you knowing.

Bonus: Best Bug Detectors App

If you don’t have the time or patience to invest and work with a bug detector device, there are some apps that can do a lot of that work on your smartphone. However, keep in mind that as good as dedicated devices. After all, those are specialized for the job.

One of the best apps that can make use of your smartphone as a bug detector is the Bug Detector Scanner app by Tech Arena Apps. This app has multiple features that allow it to detect a wide range of bug devices.

This app makes use of the Infrared sensor in the phone camera to detect hidden cameras. Smartphones also have magnetometers. This allows them to detect electromagnetic signals. Such types of signals are used for Wi-Fi and 4G connections. Furthermore, it is capable of detecting Bluetooth Signals.

Final Thoughts on Bug Detectors

On this site, we have covered multiple types of spy gadgets and hidden cameras, that allow you to conduct surveillance yourself. However, it’s also important to be educated on how to counter such equipment as well.

Spying can be all fun and games. However, it is only a matter of time before this could turn into a serious problem for you or anyone, for that matter. Knowing how to find devices that could be spying on you can be very useful. Least of all, it can help you shake the feeling of being watched if that’s all that’s bugging you.

After all, you might not be the only one with an interest in spying and surveillance. Thus, it’s always a good idea to be ready for anything.




“You will see various banners throughout our site, if you click on a banner and purchase a product or service from them we may earn a commission.”

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