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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Celebrating 2 Years of Marriage

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Meghan Markle, who is a former suits star, designed a card for Harry expressing the love she had for him with very sentimental and beautiful and sentimental writings. On the other hand, Prince Harry surprised her with a ring and a boutique of roses that she loved.

The two did not expect that they would have their wedding anniversary taking place during this pandemic. Katie Nicholl, a royal expert, explained to Entertainment Tonight that the two would have an excellent time taking a break to spend time together. She said that the two would have a special day reflecting all they have done in the past; one of them is stepping away from the royal family.

She said,” Well, it is their second wedding anniversary, but coming in the middle of lockdown as you might expect, it will be a quite quiet affair. I’m told it would be a family day.” She continued,” Perhaps a moment for a bit of reflection for what has been a pretty momentous past year. No big gathering. They certainly won’t be going out. They can’t go out.”

She also said,” I’m told by the sources close to the couple that they want to enjoy each other’s company, spend the day together. They will probably go offline, and they are working hard at the moment, so I think it will be a day for perhaps switching their computers off, not having too much screen time, and just enjoying being a family together.”

The two got married in England at St. George’s Chapel, after which they moved to their new house in Los Angeles. In March, after staying temporarily in Canada, they headed to California, showing their royal exit. At the beginning of this month, it was confirmed that the two together with their son have been staying in a multimillion-dollar mansion owned by Tyler Perry, and the home has a state-of-the-art security system. However, they are planning to establish a permanent stay after the pandemic situation is over.

They wished to have an enjoyable moment with each other with no interference from anyone. The two have been engaging in several projects since they had officially stepped down from the royal family in March. They had even volunteered with the local charity, and we’re delivering food staffs in Los Angeles. The duo, on the other hand, is playing its part in providing hope during this current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Harry advised the OnSide’s Youth Zones organization regarding the current situation. “You guys have the strength to pull through, and you have the support of the OnSide community, the OnSide family, to help you through that process. … This, too, shall pass.” He said.

Meghan has also been working on reconnecting with the volunteers of non-profit organizations such as Smart Works and Crisis Text Line. Ever since she retired as an actress, she has been settling happily in stateside and has always been communicating with Doria Ragland, her mother. The two are feeling at home and are happy together.


“You will see various banners throughout our site, if you click on a banner and purchase a product or service from them we may earn a commission.”

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