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Summer Shoes To Hide Your Toes

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If you are unhappy with the way your feet look in summer sandals you do have stylish options.

The summer weather turns out to be very hot, and therefore your feet need enough air so that they do not get so stuffy. Putting on sweaty sneakers would consequently result in a lot of discomforts.


A pedicure would be one way to go, but amidst the current situation however, restricts you from going for one.


Madeline Fass, a Vogue-marketing editor, came up with the idea of summer shoes that would cover the toes fully, including the backs. She chose on a leather loafer with cutouts, which would allow air in, therefore bringing about the ‘breathing factor.’ These shoes also allow you to hide your feet, and consequently, you should not worry about not having done pedicure.


In one of her conversations, she said, “After wearing heavy loafers all winter and into spring, I wanted something that would give me that familiar silhouette but in a lighter, summery version. I hope they don’t give me weird tan lines!” Another type of shoe of her choice was the Loewe’s toe shoes, which have a full-coverage design. She said that these shoes have toe rings, are crocheted cotton, and they have the outlook of adorable feet. 


Fass said that she spoke to the visual director of Vogue, Samantha Adler, who introduced a Croc (a party-in-the-back, business-in-the-front shoe) with a platform of 2.4 inches. This Croc has been branded the title the Women’s Crocs Classic Bae Clog. Adler also mentioned that she so much loved shoes with an ugly flatform. She said, “but all I have are deeply impractical for right now. The platform Croc is the sort of perfect hybrid between functionality and fashion, and I can walk a few miles in them. They also hide my unpedicured feet.” Not only has Adler opted for these Crocs. Several people have purchased these shoes, and if not for the sizes 5 and 11, all the rest have been sold out. 


Fass talked about aligning with the philosophy of the ugly platform shoes that Adler liked. She

said that cloggy heft would make the body’s silhouette a beautiful look. She would prefer putting on the rubber clogs, kicky-cropped pants, and midriff-baring tank top. She also said that she would feel nice if the sunrays of the summer were shining on her heels and that she would furnish them

“You will see various banners throughout our site, if you click on a banner and purchase a product or service from them we may earn a commission.”

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