Kershaw Clash 1605CKTST – Tools In Action

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Before I jump into the Kershaw Clash 1605CKTST I want to make something clear.  This is not a review and I am not a knife guy.  If you want a knife guy, reach out to Jim, he is the man and we will start having some cool knife reviews.  I am just a consumer looking for a good EDC.  I have been looking for a long time.  I wanted something lightweight, holds an edge and doesn’t cost a lot because I am tired of crying when I lose an expensive knife.  So when I found the Kershaw, it’s just something I wanted to talk about in case others are looking for a great EDC.

Kershaw Clash 1605CKTST – Information

  • Name – Kershaw Clash
  • Model – 1605CKTST
  • Price – $25
  • Where to Buy – Amazon
  • Link to Kershaw – Kershaw Clash

Kershaw Clash 1605CKTST – Features

When it comes to EDC, the Kershaw has a lot to offer.  Besides being lightweight, it’s built to last.

  • Drop Point Blade
  • Partial Serration
  • Blade Steel – 8Cr13MoV (Great for wear resistance and edge retention)
  • Black oxide coating for corrosion protection
  • Assisted opening system
  • Nylon Handle – Durable and lightweight
  • Locking liner

Kershaw Clash 1605CKTST – First Impression

So why do I love this knife?

  1. First is that it’s lightweight but it doesn’t feel like those cheap knives that are garbage.  The blade is thick and does have weight but offset with the Nylon handle.
  2. Second, I love how the blade has an assisted opening system.  The blade kicks open and just sounds awesome.
  3. Third, when the blade is open, the locking liner snaps in place, all the time, every time.  The liner is solid and sits perfectly in the center.  When it’s time to close the knife, it’s very easy to access and move to the side.
  4. Fourth, I love how it feels in my hands.  From my thumb to my index finger, the knife just feels right and I can easily control the knife.
  5. Fifth, the blade seems to keep its edge.  As with any EDC you use the knife for so many different applications.
  6. Six, the price.  For $25, if I lose the knife, no worries, I can buy another and don’t feel like it’s a huge loss.  Sure I don’t want to spend $25 because of a mistake but if it does happen, I can handle the $25.

I could sit here and make this a 20 point reason why I love the knife but these are the main reasons why I am excited about the knife and wanted to share with you.

Kershaw Clash 1605CKTST – Final Thoughts

Again, I am not a knife guy, just a consumer.  This is the knife that I finally settled on.  I love the weight and how it keeps an edge.  While I love the low price, I love how it fits and feels in my hand.  This is a knife I can wear with pants or even shorts and I don’t feel it on my side.  I am not alone, take a look at Amazon and you will see a ton of happy customers, which says it all.

“You will see various banners throughout our site, if you click on a banner and purchase a product or service from them we may earn a commission.”

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